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Yellow Wood Associates provides government, foundations, and non-profits with program management services for programs that fit within our mission and areas of expertise. Program management involves, but is not necessarily limited to, activities such as program design and implementation including re-granting and grantee management, facilitation of advisory groups and management teams, measurement and evaluation services, subcontractor management, coaching for grantees, virtual and on-site trainings, conference presentations, and reporting.

Wealth Creation in Rural Communities - Building Sustainable Livelihoods (WealthWorks)

Yellow Wood Associates is the managing grantee and thought leader for Wealth Creation in Rural Communities - Building Sustainable Livelihoods (now WealthWorks), an initiative of the Ford Foundation that seeks to improve rural livelihoods with a systems…

Wood Energy Utilization Services

In an effort to help the Northeast and Midwest meet their needs for renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction through the sustainable utilization of woody biomass, the U.S. Forest Service engaged Yellow Wood Associates in conducting third party…

Wealth Creation in Rural Communities, Phases 1 and 2: Triple Bottom Line Framework for Rural America

Yellow Wood assisted Wayne Fawbush of the Ford Foundation in developing an innovative approach to rural development based on an application of triple bottom line principles to create and maintain community wealth. Wealth was defined by categories of…

National Community Forestry Center Northern Forest Region

Citizens and communities of the Northern Forest region have demonstrated the power of local knowledge and participatory research thanks to a grant from the US Department of Agriculture. Over the course of four years, the National Community Forestry…

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