Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

The Way We Work


Three aspects of the way we work with our clients distinguish Yellow Wood Associates from other consulting firms. 

  1. We see our job as not only assisting clients in getting the final product that they really want, but also as transferring skills so that clients can develop the capacity to achieve their goals without us in the future.
  2. We see ourselves as co-learners with the client, and value each contract as a process through which we will both share and expand our own skills and expertise.
  3. We apply systems thinking and deep knowledge of outcome measurement to all aspects of our work.

We believe in material sufficiency, not maximization, as the goal for community economies.  Development is effective when it contributes to community self-determination, security, and resilience, improves quality of life, unlocks creativity and reveals new choices.

While other firms may be experts in a particular content area or in their knowledge of process, Yellow Wood has significant expertise in both natural resource-based content and process, bringing a breadth of perspective to every project.

Our background and experience as a small business distinguish Yellow Wood Associates from larger institutions, such as universities, large companies, and government agencies. Yellow Wood has gained expertise in community capacity building and small business development from its work with clients as well as from its own experiences as a small business.