Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Enterprise Financing for WealthWorks Value Chains: Overview and Guide

Tags: Community Economic Development, Research, Value Chains, Wealth Creation

Client Name: Ford Foundation

Location: Massachusetts

Resource Type: Report

Author Org: Tellus Institute

Author: Marjorie Kelly

Year: 2014

As part of WealthWorks, the Accelerating Impact project is aimed at articulating the role of finance in supporting WealthWorks value chains in rural areas.Over two years, this project of the Tellus Institute has worked with ten projects on the ground in Central Appalachia and the Deep South, doing assessments of financing needs and assisting projects in advancing toward their financing goals.

This report discussed what is means to invest inside a WealthWorks value chain, myths of stakeholder finance, building blocks of success, and how to select the right stakeholder approach based on the conditions of your value chain and the enterprises contributing to it. It concludes with a discussion of gaps in stakeholder investment and how they might be filled.

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