Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Workshop on Participatory Community Problem-Solving, 11th Annual Conference on the Adirondacks

Tags: Forestry, Measurement, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Participatory Research, Research, Training

Client Name: The Forest Trust, National Network of Forest Practitioners, USDA, Adirondack Research Consortium

Client Type: Non-profit, Federal Agency, Network/Collaborative

Year: 2004

Location: New York

Shanna Ratner presented a workshop on Participatory Community Problem-Solving at the 11thAnnual Conference on the Adirondacks.  The workshop topics included everyday research, the National Community Forest Center initiative and how participatory research fit the mission and goals of the Center, five stages of research, research as a continuum, and applications of participatory research. This workshop was presented by Shanna Ratner in connection with her work with the National Community Forestry Center Northern Forest Region.