Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Cornell University

Yellow Wood brings a special combination of content and process expertise to our work.

We invite you to explore our work.  Recent projects and presentations are listed below.  You can explore additional work using the various tags in the right hand column.

Cornell University, Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages to Support Rural Economic Development

Yellow Wood Associates is working with Cornell University to facilitate working sessions with their research and extension advisory teams to systemically apply the WealthWorks theory of how wealth is created and retained in rural areas to the rural-urban…

WealthWorks Training, October 2014 - August 2015

Participants in the third WealthWorks training, which began in October 2014 and runs through August 2015, come from organizations and states across the country, including Agricultural Utilization Research Institute…

Cornell University, Wealth Creation in Rural Communities Presentations

At the invitation of Mann Librarian Outreach and Engagement Specialist Jeff Piestrak, Shanna Ratner made two presentations followed by participatory engagement, one at Mann Library and one at the Tompkins County Library, respectively entitled: A Wealth…

Cornell Sustainable Indicators: Local Agriculture Sustainability Indicators (LASI) and Vital Indicators for Enhancing Well-Being in NYS (VIEW)

Yellow Wood worked with Cornell University Community and Rural Development Institute using You Get What You Measure® in Use to assist diverse groups working on two projects: Local Agriculture Sustainability Indicators, and Vital Indicators for Enhancing…

The Role of Social and Environmental Capital in Landscape Protection

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. prepared a chapter for a book on the role of social and environmental capital in landscape protection with the support of the Community and Rural Development Institute of Cornell University (CARDI).