Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Cornell University, Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages to Support Rural Economic Development

Tags: Agriculture, Custom Facilitation, Facilitation, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Surveys, Wealth Creation

Client Name: Cornell University

Client Type: Education/Research Institution

Year: 2015

Location: New York

Yellow Wood Associates is working with Cornell University to facilitate working sessions with their research and extension advisory teams to systemically apply the WealthWorks theory of how wealth is created and retained in rural areas to the rural-urban linkages created by New York City’s Green Markets. This work will include the facilitation of two all-day meetings in Ithaca for researcher collaborators to fully conceptualize and articulate the rural wealth creation framework with respect to re-localization of food systems and urban-rural distribution of impacts; leadership and facilitation for one all-day meeting in Ithaca of the project’s core extension partners to refine conceptual framework and discuss appropriate metrics for case study evaluation; and internal consulting with the core project team, including reviewing and commenting on survey protocol and survey design, and support with data interpretation.