Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Research on Operational Principles of Wealth-Based Development for the Northern Forest

Tags: Community Economic Development, Forestry, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Research

Client Name: Northern Forest Center

Client Type: Non-profit

Year: 2006

Location: New Hampshire

Prepared a concept paper on wealth and sustainability and their relationships to one another for use by the Northern Forest Center and the North Country Council in developing principles to guide the Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative. Meet with staff to review concept paper and begin to idenitfy draft principles.

We all agree that you've given us a solid starting place for developing a shared language around the ideas of wealth and sustainability. Without this conscious effort to form such an understanding with our regional steering committee - a different understanding than the traditional economic development mindset that most will come in with - we don't stand a chance of generating any significant new thinking on what a sustainable economy might be…Your prompting and work has been a good help in getting us started    
- Joe Short