Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Forestry Industry Systems Analysis for the State of Vermont

Tags: Agriculture, Focus Groups, Forestry, Market Research, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Research, Surveys, Systems Thinking

Client Name: Vermont Agency of Agriculture

Client Type: State Agency

Year: 2014, 2015

Location: Vermont

Yellow Wood, in consultation with the Working Lands Enterprise Board Forestry subcommittee of the State of Vermont, is working to provide a systems analysis of the forest and wood products industry.  This work will engage a variety of stakeholders across the industry to identify demand-driven opportunities for sector development that can benefit multiple firms. This work will include market analysis, producer and buyer interviews, an industry survey, regional focus groups, value chain mapping and identification of gaps and opportunities related to selected wood products value chains in the State of Vermont, assessments and recommendations related to branding and certification systems, and strategy development. The Working Lands Enterprise Board will use the findings from this project to guide and inform its investments in Vermont’s forest and wood products sector.