Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Dragon Run Natural Resource Economic Assessment

Tags: Community Economic Development, Nature Based Tourism, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Research

Client Name: Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission

Client Type: Quasi-governmental

Year: 2005

Location: Virginia

Yellow Wood helped the Middle Peninsula Planning and Development Commission to define and assess the feasibility of economic development activities and opportunities that sustain traditional land uses and which minimize adverse impacts on the natural resource base. To that end, Yellow Wood reviewed background information pertaining to the Dragon Run Watershed and its natural resource-based economy, and prepared a customized set of opportunity maps describing potential natural resource-based activities that could promote sustainability. An intensive site assessment was conducted. The opportunity maps were used as a discussion tool in over 30 personal and telephone interviews with Dragon Run residents, service providers, and government officials. Seven areas were chosen to research further, including biodiesel, recycling organic materials, showcasing local crafts and food products, and producing white oak staves for wine barrels.