Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Adirondack Council, Community Sustainability in the Adirondacks

Tags: Community Economic Development, Research

Client Name: The Adirondack Council

Client Type: Non-profit

Year: 1993, 1994

Location: New York

Yellow Wood worked with The Adirondack Council to identify and assess the cultural, economic and social factors in the Adirondacks that provide both obstacles and opportunities to the emergence of strong, thriving communities. Work included detailed case studies of two Adirondack communities and development of qualitative and quantitative indicators of community development capacity in physical, human, social, environmental, political and economic sectors. Particular attention was given to the ways in which the resources of the Adirondack Council, an environmental non-profit organization, can support local communities and provide a model for economic viability in an environmentally sensitive region.

I think that the work you did on social (and other) capital indicators was excellent.  Your clients are lucky to pick your firm.
 - Vicki Luther, Co-Director, Heartland Center for Leadership Development