Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


Yellow Wood brings a special combination of content and process expertise to our work.

We invite you to explore our work.  Recent projects and presentations are listed below.  You can explore additional work using the various tags in the right hand column.

Rural Futures Conference: Connecting Innovation, May 2012

Shanna Ratner was an invited participant at the Rural Futures Conference, hosted by the University of Nebraska in May 2012. This conference was held as part of the process of creating the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska.

NADO Sustainable Communities Omaha, Creating and Retaining Wealth: New Ways of Approaching Economic Development in Rural and Small Metro Communities

Melissa Levy presented an interactive demonstration of tools designed to help practitioners identify and measure the impacts of project and policy actions on different forms of community wealth. Participants worked through two exercises to analyze…

Rural Policy Research Institute Community Clustering Initiative

Yellow Wood provided assistance to the manager of RUPRI's Community Clustering Initiative in considering how to evaluate progress toward the Initiative's goals related to strengthening local governance. This innovative project uses computer communications…

Cultivating Community Success: Strategic Lessons from Community Assessment Conference of the Heartland Center for Leadership Development

Presented workshops on "Making Indicators (That) Matter: Using Citizen Learning Teams to Keep Community Development Ongoing and On Track" and "Creating and Sustaining a Learning Community of Rural Development Practitioners" at the Cultivating Community…