Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Yellow Wood brings a special combination of content and process expertise to our work.

We invite you to explore our work.  Recent projects and presentations are listed below.  You can explore additional work using the various tags in the right hand column.

2005 Vermont Planning Celebration, “Building Healthy Communities” Session, Presentation on Green Community Technologies

Melissa Levy presented on Green Community Technologies® as part of the "Building Health Communities" session at the 2005 Vermont Planning Celebration.  The presentation discussed identifying new technologies and sustainable approaches to managing community…

Study of Geographical and Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Towns of Hartford, Norwich relative to the ULSRPC, TRORC and SWCRPC

Collected and geo-referenced data on the socio-economic characteristics of the Towns of Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, Vermont in relation to three regional planning commission districts to assist the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development…