Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Walton Family Foundation, Wealth Creation and Measurement Workshops for Grantees in the Verde Valley, Arizona.

Tags: Facilitation, Nature Based Tourism, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Wealth Creation

Client Name: Walton Family Foundation

Client Type: Foundation

Year: 2012

Location: Arizona

Yellow Wood worked with twelve Walton Family Foundation grantees in the Verde Valley area of Arizona. The intent of this work was to introduce the wealth creation approach as a way to strengthen the individual projects and begin thinking about the possibility of a regional value chain. Work with the grantees included an introductory webinar to introduce wealth creation concepts and vocabulary, a first workshop where grantees mapped out their value chains and identify gaps to be addressed, coaching calls, project participant interviews, and a second workshop where grantees identified high leverage interventions for their value chains and determine how to measure impacts on seven forms of wealth.