Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Northern Community Investment Corporation Call Center

Tags: Community Economic Development, Market Research

Client Name: Northern Community Investment Corporation

Client Type: Regional Development Organization

Year: 1998

Location: Vermont

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. worked with the Northern Community Investment Corporation and the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund to identify opportunities for establishing a telecommunications call center employing welfare-to-work individuals in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. assessed the market demand for call center services, sampling a core group of Vermont-based direct market firms, chambers of commerce, colleges, banks, cable television firms, real estate firms, financial service providers and insurance firms. The project resulted in preliminary estimates of the capital investment needed for start-up, and the operating costs for the call center.

As you know we wanted to pick up on your work to do the business plan ourselves because of limited budget.  We were able to do this without much back-and-forth between us because of the clarity and sharp focus of your study.  It was a pleasure working with you.

- Paul Denton, Northern Community Investment Corporation