Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Strategic Thinking with the Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation

Tags: Agriculture, Capacity Building, Custom Facilitation, Facilitation, Measurement, Systems Thinking, Wealth Creation, You Get What You Measure

Client Name: Local Economies Project, New World Foundation

Client Type: Non-profit, Foundation

Year: 2014

Location: New York

The Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation is focused on strengthening the food system of the Hudson Valley Region through four primary areas of focus: 1) The Hudson Valley Farm Hub; 2) A Food Hub Portfolio; 3) Education; and 4) A financing initiative to deploy capital to support the growth of a sustainable regional food system and value chain.  The Local Economies Project engaged Yellow Wood to provide strategic thinking assistance through the use of You Get What You Measure® to understand the inter-relationships between their primary areas of focus, identify priority areas of action and develop metrics of progress and financing criteria that ensures that investments are being made in multiple forms of wealth.