Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Land Trust Alliance Rally 2014, Board Summit: “Increasing Your Land Trust’s Impact through Collaboration”

Tags: Best Practices, Capacity Building, Custom Facilitation, Facilitation, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Training

Client Name: Land Trust Alliance

Client Type: Non-profit

Year: 2014

Location: Rhode Island

Melissa Levy presented the Board Member Summit, “Increasing Your Land Trust’s Impact through Collaboration” with Judy Anderson, Principal of Community Consultants. The session shared examples of how land trusts have collaborated and conserved more land, became more efficient, built more capacity, and raised more money. The interactive workshop provided participants with ideas, tools and strategies to help strengthen their organizations through partnerships and collaboration. Participants explored: a) what areas are ripe for collaboration; b) when collaboration makes sense; c) minefields to avoid; d) mechanics of collaboration, including communications; and e) value propositions and planning for collaboration. Participants also discussed a variety of opportunities for collaboration, from partnerships, shared staff, phased approaches, program development and mergers.