Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

eXtension Evaluation Professional Development Community of Practice, Strategic Planning Services

Tags: Strategic Planning, You Get What You Measure

Client Name: Extension Professional Development Evaluation Community of Practice, North Carolina State University

Client Type: Education/Research Institution

Year: 2012

Location: North Carolina, Maryland

The eXtension Evaluation PDCoP is charged with providing assistance, resources, and expertise in evaluation to colleagues throughout the Cooperative Extension Service of USDA and across all Extension content areas using electronic media. The eXtension Evaluation PDCoP chose to work with Yellow Wood, using You Get What You Measure to identify goals, key leverage indicators, actions and measures of progress as a strategic platform for action. Yellow Wood provided an introductory webinar and a two day workshop to members of the eXtension Evaluation PDCoP that resulted in focused and concise action plans aligned with specific goals.

This is the best strategic planning process I know. eXtension's Evaluation Community of Practice moved from having goals and FAQs online to fully implementing a capacity-building strategy by launching an audience and topical based website, a resource quality review process, a marketing strategy, and a process for identifying and recognizing evaluation champions in just one year after experiencing this process. This is just one of many successful examples. This process works! - Kimberly Norris, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Peace Corps