Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Preliminary Analysis of the Economic Viability of the Essex County Fair and Revitalization Strategy for the Fair

Tags: Agriculture, Best Practices, Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Natural Resource Based Economic Development

Client Name: Essex County Department of Community Development and Planning

Client Type: Local Government

Year: 1995

Location: New York

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. worked with the Essex County, New York Planning Department and the Essex County Fair Board to analyze the economic viability of the Essex County Fair. Analysis included best practices at a number of fairs in terms of activities, participation of fair-goers and exhibitors, management, and profitability. The study recommended strategies for revitalization to help preserve the historic county fairgrounds.

We were very satisfied with the information that was obtained and the resulting report that you presented ... I would recommend your work for anyone inquiring in the future. - Lyn Lobdell, Essex County Fair Board Treasurer