Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Consultation and Training for Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities

Tags: Participatory Research, Training

Client Name: Community Partnership Center of the University of Tennessee

Client Type: Education/Research Institution

Year: 1996, 1997

Location: Tennessee

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc. worked with John Gaventa at the University of Tennessee and Vicki Creed to prepare a workbook, training manual, and four-day workshop on participatory evaluation of rural Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities. Recipients of training included professional researchers and members of community-based learning teams from around the country. Provided advanced training for the same audience after several months of implementation through three national cross-site trainings.

The workbook is well written and the activities bring the learning points into perspective.  It makes the prospect of leading others through the steps more easily manageable. - Lisa Lampmann, City of Watsonville Enterprise Community