Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Community Forest Collaborative and the Vermont Town Forest Project, Community Forest Workshop in Craftsbury, Vermont.

Tags: Forestry, Natural Resource Based Economic Development, Participatory Research

Client Name: Quebec Labrador Foundation, Community Forestry Collaborative, Vermont Town Forest Project

Client Type: Foundation

Year: 2006

Location: Vermont

Yellow Wood Associates designed and conducted a day-long Community Forestry Workshop in Craftsbury, Vermont. The workshop was designed both for communities that own and manage town forest land and for communities that are exploring the possibility of acquiring town forest land. Subjects explored during the workshop included: engaging the community in planning for town forests; options and challenges for town forests in use; major challenges to effective use of town forests; and exploring costs and revenues associated with town forests. This is the third is a series of town forest workshops that bring together experienced individuals with those just getting started to share best practices and create new knowledge to improve management of town-owned forests for multiple benefits.