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Becoming a Measurement Guide Training, February 2002

Tags: Becoming a Measurement Guide, Measurement, Strategic Planning, Training, You Get What You Measure

Client Name: SunWalker Enterprises, ACT Missouri, Zeltsman Associates, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Client Type: For-profit, State Agency

Year: 2002

Location: Vermont

Members of the first Becoming a Measurement Guide class included Sunny Walker, SunWalker Enterprises, Colorado; Suzanne Hughes, ACT Missouri; Jon Zeltsman, Zeltsman Associates, New York; and Michaela Stickney, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. Since 2002, Yellow Wood has been offering professionals with facilitation skills the opportunity to become Measurement Guides and learn how to deliver You Get What You Measure®, a values-based, participatory approach to strategic planning that uses systems thinking.

“What I love about You Get What You Measure® is how it initially builds on people's personal passions and interests and then very subtly helps them see where their energy can best be spent to get what they want. Thus, when what needs to happen to reach their desired goal turns out to be something they weren't so passionate about, but which is required if what they DO care about is to happen, they let go of their original thinking and are willing to invest in what is more likely to work overall. In addition, the various conversations that happen during various parts of the process bring such incredible clarity to the whole group, that it's worth it in the creation of shared meaning, whether or not they ever do anything together (though, of course, they will!).”- Sunny (Linda) Walker, Principal, SunWalker Enterprises