Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Becoming a Measurement Guide Training, August 2002

Tags: Becoming a Measurement Guide, Measurement, Strategic Planning, Training, You Get What You Measure

Client Name: Southwest CAPT, Northwest Area Foundation, Rural Action

Client Type: Non-profit, Federal Agency, Foundation

Year: 2002

Location: Vermont

Members of the August 2002 Becoming a Measurement Guide class included LaDonna Coy, Southwest CAPT, Oklahoma; Kerstin Gorham, Northwest Area Foundation, Minnesota; and Karen Affeld, Rural Action, Ohio. Since 2002, Yellow Wood has been offering professionals with facilitation skills the opportunity to become Measurement Guides and learn how to deliver You Get What You Measure®, a values-based, participatory approach to strategic planning that uses systems thinking.

“Becoming a Measurement Guide is a superb training program. I am very impressed with the You Get What You Measure® process, which will work just as well with a grassroots group with little or no planning experience as it does with an organization with a sophisticated understanding of systems thinking. I would encourage anyone who uses planning and evaluation in their work to get this training.” - Karen Affeld, Director of Grants Planning and Administration, Rural Action, Inc.

“The You Get What You Measure® training will enable me to facilitate planning among a much broader range of community groups than before. It is simple, straightforward, and builds evaluation and learning right into the process.” - Kerstin Gorham, Community Liaison, Northwest Area Foundation