Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

2015 ACHI National Conference: Building the Next Generation of Healthy Communities, "Effective Collaboration to Increase Community Health Impact"

Tags: Capacity Building, Coaching, Facilitation, Training

Client Name: Association for Community Health Improvement

Client Type: Network/Collaborative

Year: 2015

Location: Texas

Melissa Levy presented "Increasing Your Impact through Collaboration" at the 2015 ACHI National Conference in Dallas, Texas on March 5, 2015, as part of a workshop session on Effective Collaboration to Increase Community Health Impact. Collaboration fits into a continuum that includes networking, cooperation, coordination and collaboration. Each of these four strategies can be appropriate for different circumstances depending on the degree to which the three most common barriers to working together - time, trust, turf - can be overcome. Melissa's workshop presentation used the continuum to show the various forms of partnerships, while using examples from the community health sector. It discussed when collaboration makes sense and when it does not, incentives and disincentives to collaborate, how to prepare for collaboration, mechanics of collaboration and more.