Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


Finding Middle Ground Through the Arts: Using the Arts to Articulate a Balance between "Wood" and "Woods"

This report chronicles the Middle Ground Collaborative and its development of an interactive exhibit to tour the state of Maine in an attempt to generate dialogue about the history and future of Maine's forest resources. This report compiles the research…

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Changing from Industrial to Non-Industrial Ownership in the Northern Forest: A Case Study

This report serves dual purposes: it reports on the findings of a research project and also explores the process of participatory research using a case study approach. This is a story of a volatile industry looking for answers. This report contains…

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Meeting the Needs of Communities and Forests: The Development of a Biomass Energy System in Richford, Vermont

Summarizes the learnings and insights of a group of citizens from Richford, Vermont as they have explored the issues relating to the supply and harvesting of biomass from local lands. The Richford Wood Initiative (RWI) has been meeting regularly since…

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Yellow Wood Notes, Summer 2004

Updates on Our Work; Update on Past Clients; Stories for the Northern Forest; Action to Outcome Mapping; What's New at YWA?; YWA Now on GSA; Summer Puzzler and Summer Reading

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Yellow Wood Notes, Winter 2004

Updates on Our Work; Update on Former Clients; Telling Stories for the Northern Forest; Using the Dialogue Method; Winter Puzzler and Winter Reading

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