Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


2010 Rural Lisc Seminar: Asset Building and Economic Development Strategies: A Workshop for Community Development Practitioners

This file contains presentations by participants in a session highlighting three emerging practices in community development: financial education and coaching, developing entrepreneurial ecosystems, and a wealth creation approach to development in…

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Case Studies of Wealth Creation and Rural-Urban Linkages

This report contains four case studies about rural-urban linkages in Oregon, the New Orleans region, Texas, and Nebraska, as well as introductory material and a concluding commentary that looks at each case study in context of the core principles of…

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Transitioning to a Restoration Economy: A Case Study of Oregon's Forestry Sector

This case study explores a developing restoration forest economy and its positive impacts along the forest products value chain; these impacts can be seen both in terms of wealth retention and creation and of forging linkages between rural and urban…

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Wealth Creation and Rural-Urban Linkages An Exploratory Study of Economic Flows in Two Natural Resource-Rich Regions

How does the flow of money from trade, dividends and interest, rent, and taxes affect the potential for wealth creation? By examining the economic activity of areas in two resource rich regions, one in Oregon and one in Appalachia, this paper paints a…
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Yellow Wood Notes, Fall 2010

Wealth Creation in Rural Commuities, Central Appalachian Network, Biomass Energy, Workforce Central, What's New at Yellow Wood? Winter Puzzler and Winter Reading

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Yellow Wood Notes, Summer 1997

Redefining the Role of the Consultant; A Brief Introduction to Learning Communities; Update on Our Work; Recent YWA Publications; Suggested Reading; YWA's New Web Site; Vermont Computer Lingo

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