Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


Local Economy Journal v.29, n.4-5, “Linking rural assets to market demand: Wealth creation value chains in rural America”

Rural regions across the United States have struggled to implement economic development strategies that build local assets and create wealth that contributes to sustained prosperity. This article describes a systems framework that enables rural areas…

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Demand for Nature Based Tourism in the Lower Mississippi River Region

This report, prepared for the Walton Family Foundation, analyzes regional demand for nature based tourism.  The report focuses on four types of tourism: Paddling, Culture and Heritage, Non-consumptive and Consumptive Wildlife Activities.  In addition…

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Wealth Creation in Rural Communities: A Framework for Deep Collaborations and the Arkansas Biofuels Story

This webinar shares the principles and key tools of the Wealth Creation in Rural Communities – Building Sustainable Livelihoods framework, while also telling a story of this work on the ground. It uses the example of a biofuels value chain being constructed…

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