Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Capacity Building

Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center Learning Journey Details

Through the support of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, the Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center facilitated a trip to Western North Carolina to study the arts economy and creative placemaking in the region. This report provides a summary…

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Community Development v.45, i.5, Special Issue: Rural Wealth Creation as a Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Many rural areas in the United States find themselves struggling to build local assets and create wealth. They often struggle to hold on to the wealth that is created within their boundaries. Conventional approaches to community and economic development…

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Rural Wealth Creation

This textbook investigates the role of wealth in achieving sustainable rural economic development. Published by Routledge and edited by John L. Pender, Bruce A. Weber, Thomas G. Johnson, and J. Matthew Fannin.

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Exploring Common Measures for Food Hubs: Documenting Impact, Sharing Stories, Connecting with Stakeholders

This draft report is a product of a study supported by the Wallace Center and the National Good Food Network. The study explored how a set of common measures might assist food hubs and the food hub community in telling their stories and improving their…

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Community Roadmap to Renewable Woody Biomass Energy

A civic decision making tool for evaluating the viability of wood biomass district heating systems for New Hampshire communities.

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Vermont’s Environmental Sector: Identifying Green Workforce Training Needs and Opportunities

This report is the product of a study undertaken by the Vermont Environmental Consortium, funded by grants from the Vermont Community Foundation and the Redducs Foundation, to survey Vermont’s Environmental Business Sector.  The survey established…

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