Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Social Capital

Emerging Issues for Learning Communities

This paper explores the concept of learning communities and the shifts in concept and practice required to bring them about based on emerging ideas in the physical sciences, leadership training, learning theory, rural development, public work, organizational…

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Innovative Strategies that Support Rural Communities

This presentation on WealthWorks and WealthWorks value chains was made as part of a panel at the National Reinvestment Coalition 2014 Annual Conference.

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Assessing Impacts of Value Chain Development on Poverty: A Case-Study Companion to the 5Capitals Tool

These case studies supplement the 5Capitals tool developed by CATIE.  Five case studies were selected, with a geographical spread and a focus on different, crops, target markets and beneficiaries: Nicaragua - certified coffee; Colombia - fresh fruits…

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Yellow Wood Notes, Summer 2000

Using Community-Based Measurement; Social Capital; What's Next for See the Forest?; Performance Standards for Community Services; Environmental Technologies and Rural Development; National Community Forestry Center; Celebrating Our Fifteenth Birthday

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