Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Rural Entrepreneurship Development I: Examples of Effective Practices

Entrepreneurship development is a key part of a sustainable economic development process for rural America that benefits the economy, the environment, and social inclusion. This paper begins an exploration of what makes this approach particularly effective…
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Rural Entrepreneurship Development II: Measuring Impact on the Triple Bottom Line

To gain greater insight into how entrepreneurship development practitioners are measuring the impacts of their work, this analysis began by looking closely at six interventions, ranging from a youth entrepreneurship program to a multi-county entrepreneur…
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Rural Entrepreneurship Development III: Insights for Moving Forward

Based on a year-long exploration of many effective interventions in rural entrepreneurship development, this report shares insights on what is needed to move forward in working for greater triple-bottom-line impacts.

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Wealth Creation in Rural Communities: A New Approach

Start with this paper for a description of the Wealth Creation in Rural Communities initiative.
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