Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Distributing Electric Energy in Rural America Efficiently and Economically: The Micro-grid Option

This paper describes opportunities for and barriers to managing electricity production and consumption at the community level via micro-grid systems.

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Harnessing the Sun as an Alternative Energy Resource: Economic and Social Impacts of PV Use in Electricity Production

This paper examines economic impacts, policy frameworks, and socially inclusive training programs related to photovoltaic energy.
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The Significant Potential of Wind Energy in America: A Transformative Force in Struggling U.S. Rural Economies?

This paper examines opportunities and issues related to wind energy development in rural America, with case studies illustrating a range of wind energy projects.

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Financing Renewable Energy Projects: An Overview

This paper reviews methods for financing residential and large-scale renewable energy projects. Examples highlight how communities use these methods to develop cost-effective, energy-efficient, and stable energy sources.
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