Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

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Building a Regional Food System: A Case Study of Market Umbrella in the New Orleans Region

This case study looks at the role of Market Umbrella in helping to develop a regional food system around New Orleans. Interviews throughout the case study highlight the importance of building multiple forms of wealth to create community resilience…

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Case Studies of Wealth Creation and Rural-Urban Linkages

This report contains four case studies about rural-urban linkages in Oregon, the New Orleans region, Texas, and Nebraska, as well as introductory material and a concluding commentary that looks at each case study in context of the core principles of…

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Case Studies: Prosperous Counties in Appalachia

This paper identifies rural counties in Appalachia which have sustained or attained relatively strong levels of prosperity over the course of the decades from 1980-2000. Statistical analysis of these counties lays the groundwork for future detailed…

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Wealth Creation and Regional Innovation

This paper identifies the place- and history-based context for a regional approach to wealth creation; assesses varying prosperity rates across the counties of Central Appalachia; analyzes the trade flows between Economic Areas in Central Appalachia;…

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