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  • The Arts and Rural Economies: An Interactive Presentation

The Arts and Rural Economies: An Interactive Presentation

Shanna Ratner recently delivered a customized interactive presentation  on the arts and rural economies to a mixed audience of county supervisors, artists, and businesspeople from throughout Essex County, New York. The of presentation was intended to bring divergent viewpoints together, build new relationships, and establish common ground for considering strategic investments in the arts that would positively impact the Essex County economy and its communities. 

The presentation and interactions at the tables generated lots of enthusiasm and new ideas about how to increase the economic impact of the arts, based on a more expansive definition of the arts and a better understanding of arts producers and arts consumers. 

More information, including a text and PowerPoint version of the presentation and a handout prepared by Shanna on growing the impact of the arts in Essex County, can be found at: 

Many thanks to the Essex County Arts Council for inviting Shanna to participate in this delightful event!