Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


Bringing the Alabama Black Belt and Western North Carolina Together for an Arts Tourism Learning Journey

I recently returned from an amazing learning journey which brought Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center in the Alabama Black Belt to Western North…

Arlene Jones of SPROUT MN on the WealthWorks Training

The WealthWorks framework articulates the importance of the value proposition for all forms of capital. Applying the mapping of value chains within the scope of the current resilient region work will…

Cheryal Lee Hills of Region Five Development Commission on the WealthWorks Training

Our focus was on learning success indicators and benchmarking measures that would help us evaluate our establishing regional value chains, and while that outcome was not promoted or maybe even intended…

George M. Okantey of Purdue University Extension on the WealthWorks Training

I think the most powerful statement is this-- a new way of doing economic development that connects a community's assets to market demand, for lasting livelihoods. The WealthWorks approach brought three…

WealthWorks Presentation at the 21st Annual Conference on the Adirondacks

I began my work in the Adirondacks as a graduate student at Cornell University, over 30 years ago.  Recently I presented WealthWorks: A Wealth Creation Approach to Community & Economic Development at…

2nd WealthWorks Training Held

Our second WealthWorks Training for Coaches and Coordinators was held in April at Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Shanna, Barbara Wyckoff and I facilitated the 4 day onsite…

Food Hubs and Measurement in Baltimore

Samantha and I were recently in Baltimore, Maryland where we presented a session at the 16th Annual National Value Added Agriculture Conference which was held in conjunction with the Northeast…

Revisiting "Rural Wealth Creation Concepts, Strategies, and Measures"

Dipping back in to this 2012 report from the USDA Economic Research Service, and still finding much of value and relevant to our work. Check out: “Rural…

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