Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development


A Flexible Framework for Evaluating Community Conservation for Land Trusts

The Land Trust Alliance has just published A Flexible Framework for Evaluating Community Conservation that provides draft goals, indicators, and sample measures of impact for nine common community…

The Kindness of Strangers

I just got back from two weeks in England and Scotland and the thing I will remember most is the kindness of strangers. Not one stranger and not one act of kindness, but many on an almost daily basis.…

A (very) short introduction to wealth and a sustainable economy

Some of you may be interested in this 5 minute Ignite Talk on

Wealth and a Sustainable Economy that I gave at my 45th high

school reunion at Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring…

New Member of Artist in Residence

I have become a member of a local artists' cooperative called Artist in Residence.

We have a retail store on Main Street in St. Albans, Vermont. This photo is of the recent


Community Forests as a Wealth Creation Strategy for Rural Communities

Community Forests are forests that are owned and/or managed by and on behalf of communities. They are created and maintained through participatory and collaborative processes and provide multiple benefits…

Vermont Forest Sector Systems Analysis

Vermont’s Working Lands Enterprise Board has released the final report of the Forest Sector Systems Analysis conducted by Yellow Wood Associates. The year-long project brought together hundreds of members…

Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox and You Get What You Measure

The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox by Robert M. Penna features You Get What You Measure developed by Yellow Wood Associates as a tool that is "exceptionally well-suited" to helping organizations collectively…

The Arts and Rural Economies: An Interactive Presentation

Shanna Ratner recently delivered a customized interactive presentation  on the arts and rural economies to a mixed audience of county supervisors, artists, and businesspeople from throughout Essex County,…

Yellow Wood in Transition

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I began Yellow Wood Associates in December 1985; 2015 marks our 30th year. I count myself very lucky to have been sustained in this enterprise for such a long time. …

Shaping value chains to meet market demand - non-GMO ingredients

Here is an example of changing consumer preferences driving a restructuring of supply chains and opening up opportunities for value chains that can deliver what the market demands.

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